Cargofy earns the spot on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the US

Tamara Vozniak
August 15

Inc. Magazine published the latest version of its annual ranking of "5000 fastest growing US companies." In the ranking, our company took 822 line in rating, thus becoming one of the first 1000 companies. (

Cargofy founded the Ukrainian Stakh Vozniak in 2014 (the first name was Tona). In 2017, the company's revenue was $ 2.7 million. In the US, the start-up company moved last year to pass the acceleration in the Iowa Startup Accelerator. According to Stakh, Iowa was chosen consciously, as two large traffic arteries are crossing there, the largest truck stop in the world of Iowa 80 here, and the low cost of doing business and living in comparison with California.

"It's great to feel that the company is growing and something is starting to work out in such a complex and competitive market as America. We ended up in Inc. 5000. A month earlier, we were chosen as one of the 5 best startups in the field of Mobility & Transportation for performing at the most significant event in the technical world of Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. What I could only dream a couple of years ago.” said Stakh

The main product of Cargofy is a personal assistant for truck owners. Every day, through integration with shippers and brokers, the company receives about 30,000 shipments. The algorithm automatically distributes them among 7000 registered carriers. The carrier interacts with the service through the mobile application Cargofy Partner.

"Now, our goal is to build a large global company from Ukraine, and sell it globally, primarily to the United States and India," Stakh said in a comment on AIN.UA. Cargofy has four offices: in Kalynivka and Kyiv (Ukraine), Gurgaon (India) and Cedar-Rapids (USA). The team has 23 employees, not counting external contractors, part-time employees and outsourcing call centre in the Philippines.

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