Become a truck dispatcher and earn from $1,000 per month

Join our team and work from anywhere in the world using a convenient online TMS platform Cargohub

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Earn decent money safely and legally
up to 70%
from the profit of trip
Remote work
Minimal operating costs
Accounts on load boards
Accounting and legal support
Collaboration with a well-known brand
How it works
A convenient interface makes work as comfortable as possible
You make a preliminary calculation (how much the shipper pays, how much the carrier receives, and the difference — your profit) and enter the deal into the TMS
The TMS instantly generates all the necessary documents (rate confirmation and invoice) for the carrier and shipper
The shipper makes payment, and you receive your commision on your bank account in convenient method
Our advantages
Your great opportunities
You will be working under the well-known brand Cargofy
Access to exchanges
We provide access to the largest load boards with a volume of loads exceeding 100K per day
Ready-made company
You will be working on behalf of a legal entity with a good reputation and a license
Risk coverage
All our risks and the carrier`s liability are insured
Document generation
The service instantly generates documents (application, invoice, contract) for each transaction.
MC Authority
We have an MC authority with a good reputation and experience, which allows us to work with most freight brokers
Corporate mail
We will create a personal corporate email in the format: [email protected]
Corporate business card
We will provide a business card template for printing, so that you can attract more carriers
We have transformed all our experience into an online training program, available to every dispatcher
Work where and when it is convenient for you, through an online TMS platform
Carrier`s dashboard
Carriers working with you will be able to track all trips in their online account
Driver`s application
Your drivers will be able to install a mobile application for more convenient interaction
What is mutually beneficial cooperation for me?
Cargofy saves money on creating a workplace and renting an office, buying equipment, while I save on insurance, training, and load boards. As a result, a mutually beneficial cooperation based on win-win principles arises.
John Delice, Phoenix
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Services for shippers

The waybill should include the following information:

  1. The number and name of the document, which is established in chronological order in the system adopted by the company.
  2. The name usually refers to the type and model of the transport for which the waybill is being prepared.
  3. Validity period. The document can be single-use for a specific date or multiple-use, issued for a range of dates, in which case the duration of its validity is indicated.
  4. Information about the organization that owns the transport: OGRN, legal address, phone number, name.
  5. Type, model, registration number, model of the trailer or semi-trailer, if any, and its registration number.
  6. Before starting the route, the date and time of departure, the date and time of the last technical inspection, and the odometer reading are entered in the waybill. These details are certified by representatives of the vehicle owner.
  7. Information about the driver: full name, time of the medical examination. The medical worker certifies the information with their signature.
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